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Scam is Targeting Area Small Businesses

Scam is Targeting Area Small Businesses

Area business owners take note: there is a new scam going around targeting you right now.

It’s a slamming scam and it is fresh— businesses in the Miami Valley just started reporting it this week, according to Natalie Dunlevey, president of National Processing Solutions in Dayton.

Beware of callers claiming to be with your credit card processor or claiming they are your new credit card processor “they are pretending,” Dunlevey said.

Craig Allison, president of Burkhart’s Greenhouse in Miamisburg has gotten three calls this week.

His advice— “get off the phone. They’ll want to continue to badger you and the last two phone calls we’ve had the guys gotten pretty nasty, you know, snotty,” said Allison.

They will attempt to get you to sign a new contract —and if you sign up— expect to pay the price.

“It’s similar to the 1990’s slamming with your phone bill. All of a sudden the phone bill that you are used to seeing for years, you had a different provider, and your rates went through the roof,” said Dunlevey.

The BBB says you shouldn’t take any caller at their word.

Report any suspicious call to your current processing company, the BBB, and the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

Don’t forget your taxes

“I’ve been busy this year,” Sandra Kinney of Dayton summing up for many of us why we don’t get our taxes done sooner.

We have had a few extra days to get them done this year, but if you are still scrambling to get your forms and receipts together, experts say don’t ignore the deadline, at the very least file for an extension.

If you have your taxes done —congratulations!

You can reap some extra rewards at many area restaurants that are offering tax day discounts.

Slamming scam

Snake oil?

Some days my Facebook news feed is full of posts about one type of essential oil or another claiming that they can help you sleep, lower your stress level, and boost your energy— I’ll take all three, please!

But being forever skeptical I wonder if they really work.

Consumer Reports investigated the effects of aromatherapy and found that “there simply isn’t enough solid evidence to back up most of the health claims for essential oils.”

They do smell awesome though, so if you just love the lavender or rose scent, or you like the way they make you feel, keep on oiling, but don’t expect any miracles.

(Written by Rachel Murray in the April 18, 2016 Dayton Daily News)


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